What can I offer you?


Need animations for your website or social media channels? Speak no more! I can animate 2D explainer videos, e-learnings, advertisements for a variety of channels and even GIFs.


Don’t know or fully understand what this all means? I’ve got you covered! Read below what all these products do:

What is an explainer video?


As the name says, these mostly fully animated videos explain either a product, a company or a person.


With explainer videos, you can stand out and simultaneously inspire or excite your crowd for whatever you wish to explain to them.


Have software that’s maybe a bit too complicated for newcomers? Explainer videos! Want to display your fresh new product but want to spice up the presentation? Explainer videos! Want to introduce you and/or your company? Explainer videos!


Whatever your heart desires, explainer videos can help teach information to your audience!

What are e-learnings?


Learning new things is important, but can sometimes be a bit boring. With partially or fully animated e-Learnings, you can convey information creatively and excitingly.


Stay classical and present Graphs but with a twist. Use illustrations to charmingly pack up diagrams or images. Spice up your topics with lively music and sound effects.


Whatever you want to teach your audience, learning doesn’t always have to be dull. Surprise and astonish your crowd!

Why do I need social media campaigns?


Social media is widely spread and utilized for many things. A lot of companies use their social media platforms to speak to their target audience, but how do YOU reach your audience?

Social media campaigns can help speak to your crowd. By creating engaging animated content and beautifully illustrated posts, you can captivate your audience and gain more attention to you, your company or your product!

What are GIFs?


GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format) are short animated images. Maybe you’ve seen them on websites or newsletter, and you said to yourself: this looks fun! How do I do this?

Here’s where I can help you! With GIFs, you can spice up your internet presence or stand out from the crowd with your newsletters!

Here a recap of what I can do for you:


Can’t find what you’re looking for in the list above? Hit me up and let’s get in touch! Together we can find the best solution for your creative ideas.